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How to operate best wood router

Woodworker is used for many purposes of our daily task at our houses and in the small level industry. It is a very common tool used for cutting of different material because it is very lightweight and portable and you can utilize it in different types of shaping, trimming and cutting, tasks on various materials. To be sure, many woodworkers consider it the only one most flexible working tool in their weapon store.


Router is mostly used to make a hole or cut out in a part of wood or plastic to create finished edges, cutaways, curved contours, and precise holes. This tool is mainly used to give finishing different material, which used in our daily life. There are different kinds of router available in the market and working with the different router is different. In this text, here we explain the working of different kind of router, which is used by woodworkers.

A woodworker needs many tools to do the proper cutting and wood router is one of them. A woodworker who is new in the field of cutting must know how the wood router works. If he exactly knows about the router working, then only he can do the right cutting. There are scores of sources where he can accurately know about best wood router working. Here is systematically guide how to run best wood route

Steps how the fixed base wood routers will work

In this, let us explain the operation of fixed base wood routers

  1. The first step of installation of your fixed wood router is that you have to untie the whole collet nut.
  2. Now you can put the complete collet nut together and rotate the router and make sure that all the nut are tie properly, and none of the nuts should not be in opened form.
  3. Now it is time to turn on the router. You can test the working of the wood router by doing testing on a waste piece of material. Also in testing phase, you can check the depth that you need for cutting
  4. If you feel that depth and setting are not proper then do it as per the
  5. Now you can begin working with the wooden router by moving it in the correct direction.

Steps how the plunge base wood routers will work

In this, let us explain the operation of plunge base wood routers

  1. First of all put the router on the bottom of router base and adjust the depth of router according to your cutting. Make sure that you do the proper setting of depth of router because of this setting one of main concern to get real cuts.
  2. After setting the router correctly start your cutting trail. You can start it by pushing down the router to the required depth and then move it in left to right direction as per the necessary cut.
  3. There is also router table with the plunge base wood router. You can use a router table for the utilization of the routers.  The size of the table depends on upon the size of routers.
  4. Also, there is particular kind of plate with the plunge base wood routers. This plate is used to get a good cut on the material.