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Wedding Magic and After Dinner Entertainment

Duncan William is a very professional magician who performs magic for the nightclubs, weddings and various parties where small numbers of people are there. His main specialty is wedding magic, and he has been reading minds since 15 years of his life. Duncan William often performs at private parties, corporate events and weddings of celebrities and common people too. His magic provides a lot of fun to people and guarantees that it will leave the audience awestruck and amazed at his brilliance. Therefore, he is considered the king of magic and mind is reading in the UK.

William Duncan As One Of The Best Entertainers

Duncan William Offers incredible dinner party entertainment and is one of the best performers to look for in London, Birmingham and Nottingham since he has mastered the art of making his audience laugh until the end of his performance. Especially the after dinner cabaret acting is his specialty. The way he puts his magic and combines human psychology with mind reading capability has helped him perform for big companies and corporate events.

Duncan can entertain people ranging as less as 5 in number or 1000s of them. This makes him a unique actor as he displays his skill well in front of people to make them enjoy. He has performed all over the world for e.g. Japan and numerous other countries and thus has entertained the audiences to the maximum level. His after wedding acts are simple, fresh and helpful for people who are seeking entertainment.

Wedding magician

His close up booking is usually as a wedding magician. This involves different types of magic for e.g. between dinner tables. Magic Duncan in Leicester is a very polished actor and a great mind reader. He takes people to their old selves and makes them enjoy the most. His quality of playing with minds is unique and very amazing. Duncan has also performed well on local TV and shows and therefore, he is a prominent name when it comes to performing arts. He constantly wants to grow as a performer and thus has worked hard to make his name. Duncan William is a highly sought after Wedding Magician and is a famous name for themed parties too.  Duncan works at making your wedding event a special one, the memories of which you can cherish for a lifetime.


Duncan act is natural, fresh and different. Instead of calling bands or singers at your event, one should go for something more aspiring and astonishing which Duncan promises to deliver. He makes the sure audience feel as if they are the stars of the show, not himself. They keep them engaged during the whole act and help them enjoy the act as much as they can. That is why Magic Duncan in Leicester is a perfect choice for your wedding parties, your business parties, the dinner parties and corporate events. Duncan has the unique ability to play with minds, which help him engage the audience to the fullest. They enjoy his presence a lot and thus make their events memorable. Duncan’s performance is always power packed therefore the audience loves him.

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